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I few to Baden-Baden to start an InterRail and went overnight to Naumburg and then Blankenburg via Halle. After I found a hotel I took bus to Rübeland for photos of “Blue Tiger” on the Rübelandbahn. Next day more photos then to the Ruhr via Braunschweig, Hannover & Bremen. Took the NZ from Hagen to Berlin and got robbed during the night! Next two days was on 232 diversions on to Kostrzyn and the into Poland I went Oświęcim and to the Rail Polska site at Monowice to see Estonian M62s getting rebuilt into Rail Polska class EM62 with former Amtrak F40PH engines. I then went to Bielsko Biala for overnight to Kołobrzeg and then to Gdynia and Gdańsk and then overnight to Katowice. Then to Cottbus where I had a quick works visit and to Leipzig for overnight to München. Next day was around Jenbach and then EN to Denmark for a day of ME action. South on the EN to Bochum for “On Wheels” special train to Norddeich with 220.033 and the 01.0166. I then returned to Berlin and a day taking photos f the 232s on diversions at Kostrzyn and then back to Berlin and to Leipzig for EN229 to Wien for a day. Back on EN228 to Naumburg and another visit to Rübelandbahn for “Tiger” action and then Dortmund for flight home
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