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A five day visit to Ireland to capture some loco hauled trains before the arrival of new Inter City DMUs on many routes which were still loco hauled. I flew from Blackpool to Dublin and took 076 to Sligo which was one of the two lines I need for 071 haulage on. Stayed there the night and back to Dublin next day and straight into 080 to Limerick and back completing the day nicely. Next day I went to Thurles and walked to the two farmers bridges about a mile south of the station for some nice photos and 071 power each way to and from Dublin. On the Sunday I made sure I went to Westport for the booked 071 turn out as new track! Next day we took 077 to Waterford for 078 straight back to Kildare and straight into 083 to Westport and back! A couple of 071s on last day and then back home
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