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A two week trip to Balkans, starting in Greece with a visit to the OSE factory in Pireaus. Then to Bulgaria for the PTG Railtour in Bulgaria. This was followed by a few days in Turkey before returning to Greece. I flew to Athens. After a works visit went north to Thessaloniki and then to Sofia. The tour started 87019 and went via line 700 to Vraca and on to Berkovica and then back to Sofia. The next day went Bankja and back to Sofia for 07068 via Plovdiv to Asenovgrad and then with 07070 to Hisar and back to Plovdiv. Next day again 07070 as we made a circular tour to Stara Zagora via Dimitrovgrad, Mihajlovo and to Simeonovgrad and the freight only line to Nova Zagora and to Stara Zagora. Next day we had 42081 and after reserve base visit at Kalojanovec and we went to the Burgas. During the afternoon we visited the nearby salt pans railway for a couple of hours. From Burgas 07001 via line 800 and 300 to Dabovo and then on 400 get us to Cerava Livada for the branch to Gabrovo and to Veliko Tarnovo for the night. Then 42081 to Asenovo for another reserve base visit and finally 07091 for the long run back to Sofia. After tour I made my way to Turkey and Took fast ferry to Bandirma for train to Saruhanli for night train to Eskisehir where I got off for next train to Haydarpaşa. Comfy ex SNCF sleeper to Thessaloniki for a day there and then flight home
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