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A week long trip to Tunisia, with forthcoming electrification it was time to get some more photos of DK locos on the busy suburban service in Tunis. We flew from Gatwick - Tunis and soon found former narrow gauge 060-DI-55 on the front of the train to Beja and we also had 040-DJ-121 on the fresh air stock on the Bizerte line. Next day we had the 060-DI-55 to Bizerte and I finally 040-DK-82 in the book after many years of avoiding me! Next day was almost all on the DKs on locals and then I went to Ghardimaou with 060-DP-151 and waited for train 12 back as it was 060-DP-152! Next day I had another dose of 060-DP-152 to Ghardimaou. I then had failed meetings with SNCFT chiefs to plan to run a diesel tour but they just not interested! Quick run to Bizerte on my last day with 040-DJ-121 and then flight home
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