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Another big and long InterRail going from Sweden to Portugal by land and I started off by flying to Malmö and then over the Øresund link to Kastrup where my last EA was waiting for me which I took to København. A pair of MEs on one of the Friday only trains to Odense via the Storebælt link. Then back to Roskilde for a direct EA hauled train to Tårnby via the København avoiding line. It was then south on EN483 to Düsseldorf and superior 103 power on the DB. I went down the Rhein with another 103 and a trip from Karlsruhe - Freudenstadt and then to Stuttgart for D1953 to Dresden for a few hours. I then took Kolomna power to Nürnberg and then to Stuttgart and D263 to Wien. I did a trip to Aigen-Schlägl and then D248 to Innsbruck and a trip to Brennero with 1822 power. I then went to München and up to Schwandorf to cover RB30883 which got it’s booked pair of multi fitted 232s on load one with 218.008 on the rear, a fantastic sight! Then back to Nürnberg for a 103 to Stuttgart and then to Karlsruhe for D263 to Wien for a day and I stayed in ÖBB lodgings in the shed! Next day I went to Budapest and then overnight to Caracal. Into Bucuresti and EN370 to Budapest and back to Wien and I went to Schönborn Castle in the afternoon. Late IC to St Anton and then EN465 to Graz and to Zagreb via Sž 664 and HŽ 2044 power and a hotel in Zagreb. Osijek line moves next day and then B296 to Bischofshofen and the Graz for some 2143s and the branch to Bad Radkersburg also with a 2143. EN464 to Zürich and some moves on north end of Gotthard and then to friends in Seuzach. I made my way to Genève next day and the overnight to Port Bou for an ARCO to Valencia for a couple of hours. I then took T463 to San Gabriel, back up hill at Alacant and to Elda Petrer for T165 which was new 252.015 for new 333.034 to Murcia for a hotel. I had a late start next morning with my last passenger sector 333 (202) on T229 to Madrid. 354.004 was the power on the A Coruña overnight which I took to Ourense and then the Vigo portion with 333.064 to Vigo. New 252.035 to Monforte and went to the old depot to get photos of the withdrawn 318s on the shed, and then an active one arrived on a contractors train. I did D283 to Guillarei for the Tren Hotel back to Madrid and an afternoon 352 trip to Manzanares and then TH332 to Lisboa with 1947 (fresh from its near fatal river dive) to Entroncamento and 2603 (my last 26) forward was a good start. We found 1943 on IR841 in Lisboa so that settled the next few hours with a trip to Abrantes and back. We went south to the Algarve for a 14 to Lagos and then back to Praias-Sado for the PTG tour via Évora and Estremoz. 1510 next day to Entroncamento on the overnight tour and then my plan of going into Spain with a MLW got flagged when a 1400 was going to work it. I went to Sintra for a day out. The tour went to EDP Pego next day with MLWs and then 1510 to Tomar for the night. Next day 1510 all day via Serpins and back to Lisboa and TH335 to Madrid and after a trip to Albacete my flight back home
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