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I set off on my first trip to Russia flying to Saint-Petersburg via Frankfurt and I stayed the first part of my trip in Saint-Petersburg. The trip was a mix of seeing some friends and getting the travel on some trains in the local area. My first full day I found the new railway museum beside the Varshavskij station and there was a good selection of big diesels there. A fair amount of time was spend booking tickets for my homeward journey through all the official channels! I soon found out that there were some local quite long distance trains that were booked for TEP70 so that gave me some travels during the time my friend was at work. We had an old Mi-8 helicopter in the city on the Saturday, safety was not high on their agenda but we survived! I left on the Sunday night on one of the procession of overnight trains to Moskva. I had a full day there mainly in Red Square and then the overnight train to Tallinn, and nice that I was right at the front as well in the EVR stock. A TEP70 took over in the yards at Tosno and it worked all the way to Tallinn. The next day I had a shed visit arranged at Tapa and then a cab ride on a twin unit 2TE116 on a heavy oil train into the yards at Muuga. I returned home the next day via Wien
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