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A six day trip to Germany started with a BUZZ flight to Hamburg and then a 232 on a RE to Lübeck and then to the Ruhr and NZ1949 to Berlin. It was a good time for 232s on regular Berlin - Frankfurt/O via Eberswalde trains at this time, so did those and a trip to Tantow and then a 103 from Dessau - Leipzig Hbf and another back to Berlin. NZ1948 to Dortmund and IR2453 to Weimar again with 103 power for a few turns at Erfurt and Halle with 232s and back west for NZ1949 again to Berlin. Another day on the 232s and 103 to Hannover and ended up on Messex EX1644 with 103.148 to Dortmund with a nice race beside 103.148 on IR2452 to Löhne. I took NZ1949 yet again to Berlin and then RE5916 to Szczecin as on arrival there it had a four minute stop and returned to Berlin via Szczecin Gumience. I went south to Cottbus, Görlitz and Dresden Hbf with various diesels. I did D370 to Dortmund with a ČD 370 to Leipzig Hbf and then a 103 via Magdeburg avoider so a nice overnight. I returned east to Stendal and then to Hannover via Bad Kleinen and Lübeck and then flight home
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