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A short five day trip to Spain and Portugal mainly to cover the PTG Barreiro rail day and then a 1961 to Pocinho. We flew to Madrid and into a strike so the planned 333 to Abrantes never got done. We found a DMU running to Salamanca and the Sud Express ran ok, so eastbound to Medina del Campo and the westbound back to CP land. However more strike action so five hours on a bus to Lisboa! Not much left out of Barreiro so DMUs taken out for 1931s back in. The Funcheira got 1525 giving us some Alco power. Railday next day and we did three circular trips via Setubal, first with 1564, then 1501 & 1524, and then 1803. We took 2610 to Porto for one night stay and then quality 1966 to Régua next day and then 1970 to Pocinho and back to Régua. Finally we had 9004 on heritage stock to Vila Real next day and then a couple of 1400s before taxi and bus move to Vila Formoso. Sud Express to Burgos and Estrella back to Salamanca with 333 power from Palencia. 333 back to Valladolid and then Talgo to Madrid for my flight home
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