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A week mostly in Italy using a couple of the excellent value regional promo tickets. I flew from Stansted to Genova and stayed the night there. Friday was a strike day but thankfully the vast majority of trains ran as normal. I went up to Milano and covered quite a few 464s before heading up the Domodossola line and then back to Luino for the night. The Saturday was the highlight of the trip with massive Re6/6 power on the "Verbano Express" special train to Einsiedeln. The classic ex SBB coaches with opening windows were the best way to head north over the stunning Gotthard line. Our loco ran round at Arth Goldau allowing it to easily pull our train up the fantastic climb from there. A few hours in Einsiedeln and back over the Gotthard again with some super "power of Re6/6“ bits on the way. I stayed at Maccagno and then made my way to Parma going via Brescia, Verona and Bologna. I stayed there for two nights with the Monday as a chase the FER 464 day at Bologna and Suzarra. I only found a few working and suspect EMUs appear at random also. I left Parma on the Tuesday and went to Modena for one of the few hauled turns to Mantova and then to Milano. After doing a 464 to Saronno on a cross city service I made my way to Varese on the only 464 of the day and stayed there. I took an EMU up to Porto Ceresio to do the track. Made my way to Torino next day and then 464 power to Limone which is a lovely town where snow had arrived. Back to Torino and a run out to Susa with elderly 464.016 in charge. I stayed in an ok hotel in Torino and took bus eleven to Torino Dora and the private GTT railway to the airport for my flight home
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