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Another quick five day trip to Germany and now armed with a ticket for the special train from Dortmund - Ohrdruf with a 232! I was supposed to fly to Frankfurt/M but the flight was cancelled so I went to Nürnberg instead and scored a new airport in the process! D214 was my move overnight with 103 power to Duisburg and then another to Dortmund. Much to my surprise the special got a required Rostock Seehafen 232 which I was most certainly not expecting. The train via went via Schwerte, Bestwig, Brilon Wald, Warburg, Kassel Wilhelmshöhe, Bebra, Eisenach and Gotha, where it reversed. Rather than going to Oberhof as normal, the train was diverted down table 572 to Ohrdruf. I then went to Erfurt and then to Leipzig via Gößnitz for D450 for a very short overnight back to Erfurt. I then went to Nordhausen as three more ex Russian Kolomna locos were in sidings there, TE129.001 (the original DR 142.001 prototype), TE125.001 and half of a twin 2TE109 now numbered as TE109.002! Once a load of photos were taken then some 232 moves and 103 power to Hamm and to Köln for NZ1549 to Berlin. After some 232 moves around Angermünde I returned to Berlin and then 103.131 on a relief to Dortmund which didn’t stop at Stendal so getting a 200 km/h solid blitz all the way on the new line. NZ1549 again from Düsseldorf to Magdeburg and then did the Halle 232 turns picking up required 232.672 in the process. Back west with EC56 with 103 power to Frankfurt/M and after a couple of new 215s my flight back home
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