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Another six day trip to Germany to do some new track with 228s and also a rare 232 diversion via Bamberg. I few to Köln and made my way to Stuttgart for D1506 to Saalfeld. We took a 228 to Blankenstein and then did a 219 from Lobenstein - Triptis as this was soon to close and back to Saalfeld and then to Nürnberg for a 234 to Schwandorf and then to München. I did EN482 to Fulda for unusually a 111 to Leipzig Hbf and then a full day on Halle and Magdeburg 232s before going to Hannover. D241 to Frankfurt/Oder and as booked a 232 from Berlin Flughafen Schönefeld and produced massive winner 232.681! We did a cart to Eberswalde and a 234 to Berlin and then to Lutherstadt-Wittenberg and the diesel line to Eilenburg with a 202. On to Leipzig Hbf and from Plauen - Nürnberg diverted via Hof - and Bamberg scoring massive 232 track. I went to München for D1561/1506 back to Saalfeld and a poor attempt to see prototype Blue Tiger 250.001 at Vacha. It was then back to Halle (Saale) for the 232 action picking up two winners and then to Berlin. Overnight was to Saßnitz and back and some 234 action before flight back to London
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