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Another urgent return to the DB was necessary thanks to some info on internet reporting a booked (but temporary) working of an Oberhausen 232 on a passenger turn in the Ruhr. I flew to Köln and made my way to Goslar via Hannover and nice “real” 232.248 to Halle and also managed to pick up winning 232.255 also. I returned back “west” on D1548 and up to Haltern to cover the Oberhausen 232, highly unimpressed with a 216 after all that effort. I returned east as fast as possible and managed a few 232 runs before ending up at Dresden and D1548 again for the night. Thankfully this time the turn worked ok so I managed to incredibly rare chance of a 232 from Haltern - Essen, the desperation paid off. It was then a dash back to UK and straight to work!
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