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A return to Morocco started with a flight from Ryaniar to Rabat, and then an attempt to buy the elusive RailPass to make travelling nice and easy, being a Saturday evening no one was prepared to help so tickets it was! We made our way up to Fès early on the Sunday morning to start our DH travelling. We had booked to Ibis hotel which is right outside the station and always a good price. We did a couple of out and back trips, the first to Matmata and the second to Chebatat which gave me three new DH which was a very successful start. Next day we did a few trips to Taza and managed two more new DH and then a main line trip out to Sabaâ Aïoun netted me a couple of new Prima so another fruitful day! A longer run out the next day to Taourirt and then stepped back at Taza to pick up another DH taking me to six new in three days. After a morning trip out to Meknes we settled for a diesel run to Taza and back, that was until we passed DF-119 (ex SNCF 72020) at Ain Sbit which caused us to hastily return to Fès as these rarely do passenger work these days! Little did we know the train we were going to Taza for was freight biggie DH-357 which only worked that one train! On the Thursday we made our way to Tanger in awful weather which included a long delay at Sidi Kacem. I went to Tanger Med next morning, although advertised as running my sailing to Algeciras was cancelled but thankfully a taxi over the hills to Ceuta let me just make the 11.30 sailing and therefore making my booked Altaria to Madrid. The Saturday was the 321 Alco turn from Madrid Príncipe Pío - El Escorial which was excellent and nice to see this superb town. Next day it was Ryanair back to Birmingham and end of a good trip
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