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A hastily arranged trip to Germany when news came through that it was likely that Maybach engined Lollo V160.002 was likely to be working some of the trains at the "Kurhessenbahn" event. I flew to Dortmund and went to Usseln via Brilon Wald where I had booked three nights in a hotel. Next morning I took the first train to Korbach expecting to find the Lollo but the train was a kettle! We went to Frankenberg where the Lollo was waiting on the Allendorf branch train, it sounded fantastic! I then took the 218 to Marburg and back to Korbach and then a run with 215.001 and I returned Korbach and then to Usseln. On the Sunday it was first a trip to Wolfhagen with 215.001 & 218.387 top'n'tail and then the 218 to Frankenberg. The Lollo then did a round trip of the line giving a chance to really sample the Maybach sound. I took a DMU back to the hotel from Korbach. I returned home on the Monday so went to Dortmund and then had quite a few runs with required 146 locos and then to Dortmund Airport and my easyJet flight back home
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