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An eight day trip to France started with a Eurostar direct into Paris and a quick trip over to St-Lazare in very warm temperatures, I did a trip to Mantes-la-Jolie and found one of my last Prima 2 ready to leave, a good start. Next morning in went to Austerlitz and south to Étampes and then almost the whole day moving around the local stations at Lardy, Bouray, Marolles en Hurepoix and Etréchy getting plenty of photos of this classic solid loco hauled line. I finished up with a couple of trips to Monnerville covering the loco hauled trains. The next day was at Montparnasse, again in the heat, but the double deck stock has mostly quite good air conditioning. I covered the Le Mans TER trains and also picked up a few more Prima 2 and 7602 during the day. A very good start next day finding my last Prima 2 at Mantes-la-Jolie and then later in day also 7610 came out, the evening was on the locals down to Étampes again. On the Saturday I had bought an €18 weekend "Haute-Normandie" ticket and managed to pick up three of my last five 15000 classic electric locos, a nice walk around Trouville-Deauville in between the 15000 winners! I went north toward Lille on the Sunday, a new 22000 to Aulnoye and then a NPDC loco into Lille-Flandres and a very early finish after a trip to Arras. Early start Monday to cover all the 22000RC diagrams and then a couple of trips to Valenciennes and filled in time on the tram system before returning to Paris via Aulnoye. Next day I started at Montparnasse, then Gare de Lyon and then Austerlitz and my final day was again Montparnasse and the Austerlitz before heading to Nord and a perfect run home on Eurostar
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