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Another trip to Denmark and Germany for the second of two annual freight diversions taking Ludmillas into Denmark! I flew to Århus and made my way to Esbjerg for my first night. An excellent start was finding Swedish "Tågkraft" MZ 1425 in action and managed photos of it and a Ludmilla in Esbjerg station! Next morning I made my way south into Germany and settled into the accommodation I had pre booked in Langenhorn. I took photos on the Saturday morning near the semaphore signals at Langenhorn and found a nice sport at Morsum in the afternoon at station for Westerland bound trains. In the early evening a few of us got returning southbound charter with Nohab 1142 on the front. The forecast on the Sunday was very wet so I went south to Hamburg and did a few moves in the area before returning back to Langenhorn with preferred big MaK power each way. I spent all day around Langenhorn on the Monday with mostly good weather. On Tuesday up to Klanxbüll and then went out to the southern end of the Himdenburgdamm and then back to Niebüll and then to Langenhorn for more photos. The next day I did early at Langenhorn and then on to Niebüll and finally a few photos at Lindholm. On Thursday north to Tjæreborg and we went to the bridges both west and east of the station and then back to Langenhorn. Beautiful light on the Friday morning near Langenhorn and then I made my way to Esbjerg for my last three nights, stopping off at Tjæreborg on my way. Saturday was an ME chase around København as weather awful, Sunday was around Bramming, Ribe and Tjæreborg and flight back home from Århus on the Monday
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