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A ten day trip mainly for the PTG tour trip around Slovenia and Croatia, we started with a flight from Stansted to Ljubljana and that was base for next few days. The first day was a round trip to Rijeka, thankfully green 664 power was on both drags to and from Borovnica and nice to see a 2063 in action at Rijeka but only on freight duties. Our tour then started and we took a Sž 664 to Rogatec and then forward with HŽ 2062 power via the recently reopened border crossing to Ðurmanec. We continued via Zabok to Zaprešić and then via Trebnje and Grosuplje back to Ljubljana. Next day was the noisy one with us first going to Pula, then Koper and then from Sežana via the fantastic Tranzalpine line to Jesenice and then back to Ljubljana. The final day saw us head north to Pragersko and then to Čakovec and to Lendava. Back south to Varaždin for a lunch stop and then via Zabok and to Ðurmanec again where we change to Sž 644 power for the run back to Ljubljana. Next day I started a 5 day East Pass ticket, north with Citadella and the freight curve at Zalaegerszeg was done with a booked diversion. On to Szombathely and a Ludmilla to Szentgotthárd was also done! I did a Ludmilla Sopron - Szombathely next day and then to Wien and the 1116 back into Hungary via the Fertőszentmiklós border crossing. Did a circular trip next day from Győr via Wien, Bratislava-Petržalka, Nové Zámky and Budapest to get a 350 into Keleti station, and then back to Győr. After a morning Ludmilla from Csorna to Szombathely I went to Veszprém for the scenic northbound run to Győr and then a round trip to Répcelak. On the Saturday I slowly made my way north to Praha and picked up some older electric power on my way. It was then north to Dresden for Sundays only IC1952 via the new Leipzig Hbf tunnel platforms and on to Frankfurt/M for the last night. Delighted to finally catch up with big BA 767 winner G-BNWB on my flight back to Heathrow
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