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Part one of a one month InterRail started with a flight to Amsterdam and straight east to Magdeburg and then to Schwerin for a day of 232 action, D350 to Weimar for D451 to the Görlitz and Cottbus area for more of the same. Overnight to Erfurt for more diesel action and then south to München and D297 to Slovenia for a 664 into Ljubljana and then to Zagreb for some GM action using train 981 as my overnight. The morning was on Osijek line and then into Austria via Maribor and a night in ÖBB accommodation at Bruck a.d. Mur. Did the 1040 turn next morning and then to Linz for some moves on Westbahn before 103.133 throughout on EN490 to Hamburg Altona. It was straight to Schwerin and then cross country to Pasewalk and to Berlin and D1954 to Erfurt for 232 action in the Halle area and north to Bad Kleinen for D350 and D451 to Görlitz again and managed a ride on the Hoyerswerda - Sabrodt Mitte staff train which was 232 vice 155! North to Berlin for D340 to Amsterdam and SNCB 5404 from there on the final loco hauled Amsterdam - Paris EC train to Roosendaal. Back to Germany and D1949 from Köln - Halle and the first run of new IR "Brocken" with ex works 232.645 to Bad Harzburg, then IC to Berlin for some 232 action and to Hannover for EN491 to Wien and into Hungary and then to Zagreb via train 204. South to Split with 2062 throughout, a day on the locals and back north on B820 and up on line 12 for IC242 with 664 power into Slovenia and the rest of the day on electrics in the Pivka area before 296 to München and up to Reichenbach and via Chemnitz to Leipzig. D1548 to Hannover and back to Magdeburg and Aschersleben area before going to Berlin and then a fast 103 to Münster for D233 to Puttgarden and a 234 via the Neustadt branch back to Hamburg and 218s to Berlin for more 232 chasing. South to Dresden for D450 to Erfurt and after some time there over to Görlitz and then D450 again to Eisenach for yet more 232 action, fast IC to Essen for D233 again, this time to København and the flight back home
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