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Another two week InterRail starts with a BA flight from Manchester - Wien via Heathrow, on arrival I buy my ticket and take the train to Bratislava for two nights. On the Sunday I head north to Púchov and then to Bohumín and back in Slovakia and a Sundays only train from Žilina to Bratislava with a new 350. Next day I do two rush hour only bits of track to Bratislava Novo Mesto and then very lucky to pick up two new 350s by total luck, and then a new Vectron to Trenčín for another new 350. I then made my way to Olomouc for one night. After two new 150 I take the RegioJet to Žilina (getting a diesel drag from Český Těšín - Třinec) and then my last of three Vectron's to Vrútky and then long journey to Praha for three nights. I made my way to Zábřeh na Moravě and had most of the day in the area, next day was from Masarykovo to Děčín and then most of the day on the busy line from Ústí nad Labem - Lysá nad Labem, scoring with a 122 Cargo loco piloting a service train. The next day was to Cheb via Ústí nad Labem and then to Plzeň and Alex train to Regensburg for one night. Early start to München and to Wörgl for the 103 to München and then to Mulhouse via Zürich, getting my last SZU Re456 in the process. First train of day from Mulhouse - Basel and then fell onto IC diversions between Basel and Olten running via 503 which is a single track line from Sursee to Olten via via Läufelfingen! On to Bern where my last Re460 appeared as booked, so taken to Zürich and swiftly to Luzern to cover Voralpen Express and any BLS Re465. No luck with my required SOB Re456 but did find 465.009 in action, one of my last four and then back to Mulhouse. I was back to Luzern next morning and managed to find 456.096 in action clearing my former BT fleet. North to Strasbourg checking out some Sybic turns and then on to Thionville for two nights. A long overdue visit to Luxembourg next day, got two new 3000 and three new 4000 which was a good result, the next day another new 3000 and then a 25500 from Metz - Nancy for a run out and then winner 1350 to Bruxelles and winner 2809 to Antwerpen. Further north onto NS metals and chase some of the brand new Traxx 186 locos on ICD services and ex cargo 2844 also, for old time's sakes 1737 to Zandvoort in the afternoon. North to Zwolle next day to and then back to Amsterdam and a few photos at Hoofddorp and a hotel near Schiphol for flight home next day on a Garuda Indonesian 777
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