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A one week trip to Greece starts with a flight from Heathrow for our Olympic flight to Thessaloniki and a choice of overnights with MLW power! We take "Hellas Express" with A-457 to Inoi. A-462 back north to Bralos when Ganz rubbish appears, took short distance and another bowl with A414 on train 500, so off at Lianokladi for lunch and premium MLW power in the form of A-456 to Athens. Next day was not very successful with German rubbish on first two northbound trains, and after a run to Levadia Ganz junk back! Found a Craiova on the second Larissa, but it soon failed but got rescued by another and then itself failed, we all got put on 602, at least it was winner A-419. I got off at Lianokladi and more junk to Tithorea for premium A-456 north on "Hellas Express". Things vastly improved at Thessaloniki with A-303 going forward to Idomeni, straight back with A-325 on 291 "Akropolis" and winner A-555 on train 507 to Athens! After a hotel A-555 back all the way to Thessaloniki and south again to Katerini and A-456 on 602 "Evros" to Thessaloniki and A-455 forward. Alsthom forward from Alexandroupoulis and amazingly passed A-303 at Didimoticho and all the way back to Thessaloniki with it. Nice evening bash with A-555 to Leptokaria and A-461 back north to Thessaloniki for a hotel. A full day around Thessaloniki next day and then flight back home
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