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Another six day trip to Germany starts with a flight to Luxembourg and then into Germany via Trier to Frankfurt/M for D1955 to Halle, meeting up with Jeff at Erfurt in the middle of the night for up to date 232 info. This allowed me to pick up a couple of "hit listed" 232s during the day. I then made my way to Berlin and up to Eberswalde to pick up IR328 with Kolomna power. Managed nice photos of read and cream 103s side by side at Berlin Lichtenberg on D1073 to Dresden Hbf and D308 to Warnemünde, I took D1073 to Dresden and on to Bad Schandau, then a full day in the Görlitz, Cottbus and Hoyerswerda area. I return to Berlin on D1010 with a 180 and then made my way over to Erfurt area where I finally got hold of huge winner 232.025. After a night in Erfurt it was over to the Reichenbach area and then to Chemnitz for D1960 and the through carriages to Stuttgart. Our pair of 218s from Nürnberg hit a tree on the line thirty km west of Nürnberg which took a while to sort out. Once in Stuttgart I managed a couple of top'n'tail 120 runs, including my train to Saarbrücken and the back to Luxembourg with 1804 and then to airport for flight home
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