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An eighteen day trip to Canada and USA started with a BA 747 to Montréal Mirabel and then straight to over Dorval for elderly GM power into town. The evening and next morning were busy on the elderly "Z" electric locos on the electric line through Val Royal, there was also some GP9 action. We took the Senneterre night train and from there continued with the through carriages to Cochrane, a painfully slow journey, so no wonder it closed a few week later. Next day we took Ontario Northland to Toronto, GP38 to North Bay for FP7 was a bonus. After a night in Toronto we took "Maple Leaf" to Poughkeepsie for one night and then had a day on Hudson Valley and witnessed the Conrail fright slog up the hill with quad GE power in Hudson. Then south to Washington via Baltimore and the bowled with F40 rubbish on "Crescent" all the way to New Orleans. More F40 bowlage next day with triple F40 to Chicago and a good day on the $5 weekend ticket. We had half decent power to Kankakee for a hotel and finally pair of Genesis back into Chicago next morning for another $5 ticket. We then joined the "Pioneer" portion of "California Zephyr" for the fifty-two hour tourney to Seattle! Next day was all GE power with a pair of Genesis to Portland for pair of Dash-8 back to Seattle and then we did one of the very first runs of the new "Mount Baker International" to Vancouver, BC for a day trip out on the hired RENFE Talgo set. We left Seattle for Portland and then picked up the "Empire Builder" for the mammoth journey back to Chicago. Big, shame the last thirty hours were flat as a pancake! Very pleased to find Genesis power on the "Illinois Zephyr" so that was taken to Quincy and a motel for the night. Next day up to La Grange Road for some freight action and the bus to airport and another old 747 back home
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