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Another trip to Greece and the first PTG "Rail and Culture" charter train on the Peloponnese network. After an afternoon flight to Athens and a one night stay in the capital, the trip started by taking a local EMU to Kiato and then a bus to Diakopto for the rack railway to Kalavrita for a one night stay. After seeing some of local sights we returned to Diakopto and then took our bus to Patras for one night. The special Alco hauled train started from Patras and went to Pirghos via Katakolo, then a special Railbus to Olympia for one night. Next day we did some sights in Olympia and then continued south to Kiparissia and a one night stay near Kalonero. Further south next day and our bus took us to some sights and then to Messene and a special DMU to Kalamata for one night. The start of the real quality Alco action started next day as we did the steep climb from Zevgolatio up over the mountains to Megalopoli and then on to Nafplion via Tripoli. After a free day in Nafplion it was north to Korinthos and end of the main tour. The next day the two day enthusiast tour ran taking the train back to as far as Kiparissia via Nafplion and Megalopoli and Zevgolatio. The final section was from Kiparissia back to Patras, but bad wheel flats on one carriage led to a DMU being used from Pirghos to Patras and then bus / train combination via Kiato to Athens. I flew home from Athens next day with Aegean to London
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