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A six day trip to Germany and Denmark started with a flight to Düsseldorf where I covered some 215 turns in the Krefeld area. I then headed east to Magdeburg on D1949 and covered some 232 turns there and also a good selection of Halle winners. I then went to Leipzig to cover the afternoon 232 turn of Leipzig Bayer Bf while it existed and then to Dresden. I did D476 to Hamburg for the VLV tour to Varde and Nymindegab with V200.007 and MX 1001. I got off at Neumünster on the return and to Kiel for D1883/483 south to Bebra and to Erfurt for some 232 action. I then went to Lichtenfels for the Sundays 232 turn to Bamberg and then to Probstzella for the amazing ÖBB 1044 diagram back to Nürnberg. D1906 took me Berlin where I fell into MAK prototype 240.001 on an IC to Hamburg, then the rest of day in Lübeck area on 232 turns. Finally D471 to Offenburg and the 218 turn Bad Griesbach and then to Stuttgart for flight home
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