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I started my "European East Pass" travels by flying to Warszawa Modlin and basing myself in the capital for two nights. My first day was a trip to Lublin and then the two SU46 diesel diagrams from there as an out and back to Pilchów. I then made my way via the CMK to Kraków and onto Zakopane which was branch I'd wanted to travel for a long time; the train had three reversals on the way. After a couple of hours there I returned to Kraków for my two night stay. Next day I made a morning trip to Sędziszów with the hope of getting lots of sunny freight photos and the bonus of the LHS broad gauge line, however the cold and lack of action soon tool me back to Kraków and I went along to Katowice and settled for some quite busy action at Gliwice for a couple of hours. I returned to Kraków later. Next morning I headed back to Katowice and then EC103 via Czech Republic with PKP Taurus power all the way to Břeclav and onto Bratislava for a night. Plenty of hauled action there and I got both 381 locos during my stay. I then moved on to Linz for two nights and a day around FJBf. It was then to Győr for three nights. Plenty of travelling on GySEV line and locos before their new EMUs destroy their great selection of loco hauled trains. I then moved on into Slovenia where huge amounts of freight were now being diesel hauled after horrendous amount of damage to the overheard equipment after an ice storm. I stayed in Pivka for two nights so I was right in the middle of the action. My first day chasing the action was entirely at Rakek, the second day at Rakek, Pivka and Logatec. I flew back to England the next day
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