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A weeklong visit to Slovenia started with a flight to Bergamo and then by train to Udine. Took the FUC Taurus diagram to Villach and then made went to Spittal-Millstättersee for the last day of train 4607 being booked a class 1163, bonus it got a pair! It was then into Slovenia and to Pivka for one night. Last day of the old timetable so I went to Rijeka to be sure of having 2044 GM power from Šapjane, just as well I did as it's now electric. Huge bonus at Rijeka with three of Gredelj built NGT26CW-3 locos being prepared for shipment to Morocco. I left Rijeka with the 2044 again and continued to Ljubljana for a couple of hours, then IC to Poljčane for my two night stay. First day of new timetable next morning, went to Celje and then Maribor for first run of the new Citadella, it was 664 to Ormož and then a bus, not a good start. Managed one 363 in the evening before returning to the hotel. Was woken early next morning by sound of a 664 leaving from Poljčane to Maribor Studenci on a DMU diagram, but it was too late to do anything about it sadly. I went to Ljubljana and a quick trip to Jesenice before a busy afternoon on a good run of 363s on passenger turns, including one to Pivka for hotel. Next morning I had pre arranged trip on a freight to Koper, amazing experience over this incredible line, plenty of photos. A hastily arranged trip to Villa Opicina after I found out a 363 on one coach was working the new service for a few weeks, new track for a 363. After another night at Pivka it was back to Ljubljana and the flight home
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