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A ten day trip to France started with a Eurostar to Paris and then to my base at Poissy where I was staying for seven nights. The first two days were covered with two one day "Mobilis" tickets and then I used a one week "Navigo" ticket for travels within all five zones within the Paris area. Most of my travels were taken from Paris St-Lazare on the routes to Mantes-la-Jolie and also from Paris-Montparnasse - Rambouillet. Most trains on all these routes are operated by the very powerful "Prima" 27300 locos with the 7600 helping out from Montparnasse and 17000 from St-Lazare. Mostly the weather was thick clouds and very cold, but did manage some sun as Yerres for afternoon and next morning shots getting some nice results. After my week in Paris I took bargain fare TGV Duplex to Marseille for one night. Next day it was another bargain fare on another TGV Duplex to Frankfurt/M and the night in Mainz and then returned home with British Airways
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