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I set off for a week in Greece and a five day tour that two of us had planned on the fantastic "Peloponese" system. I flew from Heathrow to Athina and made my way into town for the first night. After a meeting with OSE I took the train / bus combination via Kiato to Patras where quite a few were now in town ready for the start of the trip. Next day we started the journey by taking our special train from Patra C to Pirghos and then we reversed there for the branch line to Katakolo. Due to change of hotel reservations about half of us then went to Olympia to stay there. Next day back to Katakolo and then south to Kalamata with some nice photos stops on the way. It was then north to Korinthos via Zevgolatio, Tripoli and the branch to Nafplion. We went to both old and new stations in Korinthos. Day four say us heard back south via Tripoli and we did a quick visit to Megalopoli and then on to Kiparissia where we were the first train for three years and we had a super welcome awaiting us. Last day saw us return from Kiparissia to Patras C via Pirghos and the end of the trip. It was then back to Athens on the bus / train via Kiato. The next day some of us had a works visit in Pireaus Lefka and then another meeting with OSE. I did a quick trip t Inoi on the last day and then to the airport for flight home
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