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A quick three day trip to Germany, with flights to and from Stuttgart. After arrival there a couple of 151 turns were covered and also did the Schorndorf Rudersberg branch with a 212. An Eilzug overnight to and from Basel put us into a steam tour with 01.1066 via Wörth - Lauterbourg - Strasbourg - Sélestat - Mulhouse - Neuenburg - Müllheim - Offenburg - Karlsruhe. We made a visit to the Railway Museum during the stop at Mulhouse. I went to Basel for northbound "Schweiz Express" to Köln as my Inter Rail started at midnight. A 103 on EC23 to Frankfurt to do the diesel route via Ebersbach to reach Stuttgart, very surprised with an old red 211 vice 216 on the train. Then to Ulm for the ETH 215 turn, and picked up 215.093 with the super V12 engine and Rabbit ears! Had hoped for the 127 "EuroSprinter" to Stuttgart but no such luck, then flight back home
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