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A weeklong trip to Tunisia and first ever trip to the country. I flew to Manastir to meet up with Ian who was already there, we had to suffer Ganz-Mávag rubbish into Tunis but then found the quality power active on standard gauge. We did a DN to Beja for a DP back in. Next day was again on standard gauge and also quite a few runs on the amazing suburban service with lots of DK locos smoking their way up and down, to Borj Cedria. We took the Metlaoui overnight all the way and then make two trips through the Copper Canyon firstly on a phosphate train, then on the Red Lizard tourist train. Finally ascent of the day was the daily train down the branch to Redeyef. We returned north on the northbound overnight and another couple of days on the standard gauge and suburban action. On the Friday we took a DO to Mahdia and then returned to Sousse to stay there. My last full day was a simple out and back to Gabès with premier DP power and then flew home next day
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