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A two week trip to Finland, Estonia and Russia started with a flight from Birmingham - Helsinki via Frankfurt, did some Sr1 chasing then stayed in hotel ready for sailing to Tallinn next morning. Was met by local railfans and went out chasing freights and did depot visit at Tapa in the afternoon and then I stayed at Keila for three nights. Spent the next day taking photos of lots of freight action at Vikipalu, Raasiku and Aruküla and then returned to Keila. Next day to Tallinn and we had a cab pass arranged for a round trip to Tapa on ex UP GE power, a great experience. Once back in Tallinn I went to Klooga Rand and then to Paldiski and then to Keila again. Next morning a trip to Riisipere then to Tallinn and the boat back to Helsinki. Took the night train to Rovaniemi and the bus Kemijärvi for the night train from there back south and I got off at Tampere. Did the branch to Pori and then to Karjaa and the branch to Hanko and then to Helsinki for a hotel. Made my way to St Petersburg next morning getting an M62 over the border from Vainikkala and stayed with friend there one night. Next evening Dan and I took night train to Petrosavodsk and then further north to Medvej’ya Gora for a while and then back to Petrosavodsk for the same night train back to St Petersburg. After a day in the city I stayed in Gatchina for two nights and we tried to get some lineside photos. I returned to St Petersburg and met up with friend and we made our way to Vyborg for our two night stay. Back into town next day and my flight back home
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