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A week in Germany started with a flight from Manchester to Düsseldorf and then a dash to Nürnberg via Frankfurt/M for some new Kolomna track with a top'n'tail 232+234 working from Nürnberg - Regensburg and back. Then via Leipzig to Dresden for some EC diversions with 232s from Dresden - Pirna via Arnsdorf and Dürrröhrsdorf (partly closed track!). I then blitzed to Ruhr for northbound overnight to Stralsund for what was supposedly going to be one of the last ever workings of a 103 on an IC train, a 792 km journey to Frankfurt/M. Another NZ and to Berlin and then to Halle before to Frankfurt/M again for same northbound NZ to Bremen and over to Kassel and a visit to the Bombardier factory to the see Blue Tiger loco production. It was then to Rostock via Hamburg and NZ to München for 218 to Tuttlingen and to Konstanz for a 120 working which took me to Darmstadt and then to Stuttgart for NZ via Nürnberg and forward with 232 power via Halle and the new Leipzig / Halle Flughafen line. It was then 120 traction north to Stralsund and over to Rostock and a return tour with 119.158 which sounded rubbish! I got off a Waren to have a more sociable night's sleep back to Ruhr on my NZ. DB inefficiency meant no sleeper on train but guard said I could sit in extra IC open coach all night, no thanks hotel in Berlin which DB paid for! Next day ICE to Hannover and then to Düsseldorf for flight back home
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