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Eight days in Spain started with a flight to Alicante, straight to Murcia del Carmen for a 333 to Madrid, and another forward to Galicia on the overnight. I got off at Santiago do Compostela and went to Monforte de Lemos via Ourense. I had arranged a visit to the fantastic local rail museum which had restored a British built 277 and Alco 1812 into pristine condition, both were literally gleaming. I stayed the night in Monforte and after a quick trip to Sarria I took the Talgo to Burgos and the 333 on the Diurno to Salamanca. I joined the Sud Express just after midnight for the 333 to Hendaya and a short run on a SNCF loco for another 550 km run to Madrid on the Talgo with 333 power. Stayed in Madrid and the 252 hauled Altaria to Barcelona next morning followed by some moves around there and Salamanca overnight to Medina del Campo. It was then an EMU to Madrid for a day and then a 333 to Murcia for a hotel. Next morning I din another 333 to Alicante and then up the coast with some 252 moves and I staying at hotel in Salou for my last night. Emu and winning 252 got me towards to airport for flight back home
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