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An eight day trip to Spain and Portugal started with a flight to Alicante, and then to Murcia for 333.4 power on an Altaria to Madrid where I stayed the night. I had a morning around Madrid then to the Granada Talgo to Jódar-Ubeda for the Tren Hotel overnight north to Tarragona. Took photos in Barcelona area next day and then stayed at friends place at El Vendrell for a night. More photos next day and some new track and then long run on the Estrella to Monforte de Lemos. In the afternoon we joined an empty special train with 277.022 to Guillarei and then Alco 1812 to Tui. Fast car to Porto next day as northbound tour was now using premier Bombardier power and new track for one these fine machines over the bridge into Spain. 1812 continued to Vigo docks and then back to Tui, and the 277 did the empty train back to Monforte where we stayed the night. Quick trip to Sarria and the Talgo to Miranda de Ebro and a failed attempt to get to Madrid put me in Valladolid for next. I had a 333 to Miranda de Ebro next day, then to Zaragoza and a 252 to Madrid for the night. A good day on 333.4 power next day via Albacete, Alcázar de San Juan, Xátiva, Alicante and then Cartagena for night. Back to Alicante next day for flight home
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