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A week in Lithuania and then on to Russia, I flew out to Vilnius with Austrian Airlines via Wien. I got all my tickets sorted out and started early next day with a TEP60 to Klaipėda for few hours. I returned with a TEP70 to Radviliškis and then to Mažeikiai on the late evening train. It returned as night train to Šiauliai and got attached to the Klaipėda - Vilnius train via Kaunas. Next day I did a trip to Kaišiadorys and then a TEP60 to Šeštokai and back and hotel in Vilnius again. I did a return trip to Kėdainiai next day and the then the night train to St Petersburg via Daugavpils. I met some friends on arrival there and had couple of nights in hotel in centre of town. Had a couple of days doing tourist bits and then flew home via Frankfurt
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