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A week in Austria, Slovenia & Croatia started by me flying to Graz and making my way to Celje for the night. Next day was busy on the main line and then an overnight to get us to Maribor in hope of a repeat of a recent 664 vice DMU to Bleiburg, no such luck sadly. Next day I did the Sevnica - Trebnje line as new track and then a 664 move to Ormož and then back on a vice turn and to Poljčane for my hotel. Chaos next day with wires down at Šentjur which meant a couple of 643 were out dragging (shame no GM power!); it was then a trip to Murska Sobota on premier 664 power. Next to Zagreb and the evening IC to Osijek and back on the nice and empty overnight, I did a few diesel moves before going to Karlovac for the DMU to Metlika as new track and connection forward to Ljubljana and back to Poljčane. Early start next day with two 664 out vice DMU, got me in good position for my works visit at Maribor Studenci. A couple more 664s later in day and back to Poljčane again and then home from Graz next day
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