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Almost three weeks travelling from Serbia south to Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. I flew to Budapest and went straight south via Serbia to Bulgaria for a few days getting photos of the Optima trains east of Plovdiv during a few very busy days. I got photos at Skobelovo, Krumovo, Parvomaj and Krum. It was then to Thessaloniki via Nis for a day around there and the night train to Istanbul. I moved on to Erdine for a couple of nights and a day at the busy Optima terminal at Edirne. It was then out to Sofia and the night train to Thessaloniki scoring MLW power from Kulata. Next day found two MLWs active Thessaloniki instead of booked DMUs on Serres local train, unbelievable in 2005! I then went south for a visit to Pireaus factory to see MX627 refurbishment program. It was then back north and more MLW vice at Thessaloniki before staying at Tithorea and a day on the in the mountains around Xinas and Karia for photos. Stayed at Leptokaria and then made way towards Sofia and flight home
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