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  • Anirudh - Tuesday 23 December 2014 07:07
    wow.that's awesome KJM loco in it's heavenly livery.pic was taken when SWR was in SR
  • vadakkus - Monday 22 December 2014 16:11
    14 years later, now I stand at the same spot (which has changed drastically), clicking photos of trains, mostly EMD and electric (WAP4 and WAP7)....
  • Andrew Pearce - Friday 7 November 2014 03:31
    Rail replacement service or just the local "leisure center?"
  • Andreas Ölfuss - Monday 3 November 2014 18:30
    I'm in Miami in December. But hope for a couple of freight trains ;)
  • Nikos - Friday 17 October 2014 11:06
    Philip, is Nikolakakena gorge...
  • guest - Wednesday 30 July 2014 08:41
    Don't see many DSB diesels. Very nice result
  • guest - Wednesday 9 July 2014 18:57
    I don't think the train with 1018 locomotive runs from Wien Westbahnhof to Salzburg but in the other direction. The station building in St. Valentin was and is at the northern side of the tracks and the 1018 was certainly not banking the train but pulling it towards Vienna.
    Anyway, great photographs!
    regards from Austria
  • guest - Thursday 12 June 2014 08:21
    Superb loco!
  • vadakkus - Sunday 13 April 2014 20:03
    That would be the 12007 Chennai (Madras) - Mysore Shatabdi (or the return service 12008, I am not sure). It is hauled by an electric (WAM4/WAP1/WAP7 b/w Chennai and Bangalore and nowadays by a WDP4 (EMD) Diesel between Bangalore and Chennai. Fascinating to know that a WDM2A used to do duty those days.
  • Erwin - Tuesday 1 April 2014 14:11
    Hello, this train leaves Narvik, the uneven trainnumbers go to Kiruna, just on my way back from Narvik